Thursday, September 05, 2013

Rain, Rain....

Back to gray Oregon, rain and drizzle....
Look familiar, Oregonians, that gray look....
But supposedly the sun will be back next week.

With no job now, I must fight off boredom. two days, I painted most of the outside of the house, by brush.  Looks fabulous, in my opinion.  Got paint, and a brush and ladder?  I will paint your house for cat food.

I tried again to fix leaking gutters.  I haven't checked this morning, after the rain last night, to see if the leaks were stopped by my efforts and rubber spray, my latest all purpose product love.

I need to do something about the old boys next door, still on their own after their owner, my neighbor, died a few weeks ago.  I have been unable to find anywhere willing to take them...or anybody.

Dano, a.k.a. George

Sunny, a.k.a. Sunshine
 The Neuterscooter vet called last night and said she and her ex will stop by today at some point.  They are from Indiana and used to travel fixing cats in Oregon.  One time I traveled with them and we fixed 400 cats in the Pendleton area in four days.  Whoa!  She has moved with her family to California, the north, and flew to Portland to pick up their mobile unit that has been in storage there.

She and  her ex are caravaning then to their new home in N. California and said they would stop by to say hello.  They all got Lymes disease after camping in the midwest somewhere and getting into an area heavy in ticks.  Been having lots of health troubles since then.  That is one difficult disease, with its components, to rid from the body.  Ticks carry lots of terrible things.

With the onset of wet weather, the cat yard cats often come in the house, which creates, for a time, some niche issues.

Comet peeks at me from the garage run.  Comet is now nine years old.  Hard to believe.  Time goes so fast.

The Albany business cats like the second bedroom.  Cougie, on far left, Raindrop on the cat tree and Stiletto on the bed.

Electra, now 14, has slowed down in the last year considerably. 
Oregon skies will likely do any watering needed from here on out.

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