Friday, July 05, 2013

I'm NOT a Rescue!

But this little boy kitten, living in my neighbors sewer vent pipe, doesn't need to know that!

I caught him in her garage tonight.

Now safe in my bathroom.  Flea treated, flea combed, wormed and vaccinated.

Kitten anyone?

An update on the thin sisters and their project.  In the end, we caught there, the mother, who is black, and five black kittens.  The black male got out on them when they were trying to clean his cage, but they will catch him again later to be fixed.

The mother was pregnant again when they got her spayed at their own vet.

They brought the kittens inside, due to the heat, into one of their bathrooms.  The kittens then vanished. They had crawled into a wall through a tiny hole at the toilet water pipe entry.  So.....they called their contractor, who had done their remodel and asked him to come remove the toilet.  He says "Remove the toilet I just put in?"   "Yes!" they replied.  So, he did and they fished the kittens out of the wall.  They went to Safehaven who had a fosterer open who has worked taming feral kittens before.  She has kids and dogs, which makes for a great foster home for feral kittens.

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