Friday, June 21, 2013

Miff the Cats with Home Redo Project

I've been doing a redo.  And the cats don't like it one bit.

They interfere.  They glare.  They stare.  They jump atop me when I am sleeping.  They yowl and fight with one another too, to express their hatred of my inattentiveness to them, in favor of "the project".  I have completely destroyed their lives, they complain and loudly.

So today, I hope to finish it up.

I was slowed down by a broken car, swollen finger joints, and waiting out product drying.

Most of "the project" involved prying up particle board that had been damaged by moisture, of various types.  I first cut the areas I wanted to removed with a circular saw.  Then I pried up the old particle board with a screw driver, which is how I got swollen finger joints.  It's not as easy as it sounds.

Then I pried out the staples with a screwdriver.

Then I measured the areas I'd cut out.  I had OSB pieces of various sizes and shapes, up in my rafters, that were the right thickness. I gleaned those from a pile of wood in Millersburg, left for the scroungers, after a fire destroyed a house.  The pieces I hauled home were from the remodel post fire.

I cut them to the dimensions I needed and installed them.  I filled cracks and holes with Fix All.  I painted the new boards.  I caulked the edge of the wall where it meets the floor.

New boards get a coat of paint.
The black on the wall is the spray rubber.  You can buy it in white and clear, too.

Then I got this "brilliant" thought.  Why not use that rubber spray I got to stop the leaks in my gutters to seal up the wall/floor edge so not even Sam, and his evil pee mark ways, could infiltrate!   So I did it!!!   Boy did that stink up the house.  Then there was the 24 hour wait for it to dry solid.

Then I had to repaint.  Which is my chore today. I repainted the kitchen while I was at it.  Gone will be my brilliant neon burgandy colored wall.  I had only paint in shades of green.
Going, going, gone with my neon burgandy colored wall.  How sad.

Kitchen repaint!

  After the paint dries, I lay out that sheet vinyl I drug home last Sunday. And after that, I glue on the molding I got at the Restore.  $5 bought me 50 feet.  Way more than I need for this project......but...of course there will be other projects.

The cats will probably never forgive the destruction of their favorite familiar runs, even if its a short lived loss for them.  They remember things.  And they get even!  I'll have to watch my back for a long time to come, and always have cat treats in my pocket for appeasement.

I'll add more photos as I finish up.
Pretty much done!
I'd never replaced sub floor before.  Now I have!

I'd never laid sheet vinyl before.  Now I have!  I didn't know how but I watched some youtube videos and went at it anyhow.  I am proud of the finished job!

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