Friday, May 24, 2013

Seven More Local Cats Fixed Yesterday and KATA's Kittens

I am still trying to get local cats in to be fixed as The End of Poppa Inc. draws very near.  June 10 is the last day I can take cats to be fixed.

Yesterday seven more local cats were fixed thanks to Poppa Inc.  They included an orange tabby boy, Thumper, from Corvallis.  It was not the owner concerned about getting him fixed, even though he'd gone missing earlier this breeding season, and come home injured.  It was a neighbor.  The neighbor also transported him to Heartland for the appointment and picked him up.  That's how dedicated some people can be compared to how negligant some owners can be.

An Albany male was also fixed.  Little Man was dumped in Millersburg as a kitten.  The people who had him, when I met him as a kitten, had other unfixed cats too.  I got them fixed, but they didn't want him fixed then.  But you know me, the diehard, the believer, so I called again even though it's months since I'd seen him or talked to his owners.  

They answered and did want him fixed, but had moved, in the meantime.  So Little Man went off to be fixed, but not until he kept me awake all night, night before last, howling mournfully from a comfy cage in my garage.  
Little Man, fixed yesterday, is a handsome mackeral tabby boy originally rescued after being thrown from a car, as a kitten, in Millersburg.

I also picked up a long hair tabby on white female, abandoned up in the Viewcrest area.  She was skinny, and KATA had agreed to take her in.  She turned out to already be fixed.  I named her Misty and she needs a home.
Previously spayed stray long hair young female, found across the freeway from Millersburg, way up a hill.  She's now with KATA, and hopes for a home.

KATA's volunteer in Lebanon had another cat from cat wrangler Heather, a muted torti.  She watches newcomers to her Lebanon area like a hawk, and if they come with unfixed cats, she's on top of it.  She's sick of watching kittens born in junkpiles.  She's tired of cats dying around her, unwanted, unfixed, discarded.
Lebanon muted torti fixed yesterday, rounded up by Heather.

Also fixed yesterday, a torti mother cat, and one of her kittens, a Siamese mix boy, who is now up for adoption, along with her, through KATA.  They have a lot of rescued kittens right now and yesterday, when I took cats back to the Lebanon volunteer, she'd taken in four more bottle babes from a man trying to feed them, after their mom was killed by a car.  She handed two off to each of two other mother cats she had taken in, each with four newborns of their own.  Both mothers accepted the orphans quickly.
This torti mom cat was also fixed yesterday, and now awaits a home with KATA.

This Siamese mix boy was fixed too and awaits a home with KATA,

To round out, I took in two white kittens from Cascadia to be fixed.  KATA is trying to convince their owner to relinquish them, as otherwise, they will be outside cats, and white cats don't last outside.  They stand out to predators and get skin cancer.  Their mother and a third kitten hopefully will get fixed next week.
Cascadia white kittens, fixed yesterday.

So on it goes, same old, unfixed cats popping out unfixed kittens, males free roaming unfixed and getting deadly diseases, that they pass along as they continue to fight, and clueless "owners" who let it all happen, oblivious to the larger consequences.

But seven more were fixed yesterday.  Seven more.

Here are photos of just some of the rescued cats and kittens KATA (Kitty Angel Team Adoption, whom you can find on have awaiting home.

This orange tabby tux mom cat has four darling orange tabby boy kittens.  Vicki of KATA sat out in her car trying to trap the mom cat for hours.  Suddenly the caretakers, who wanted her and her kittens gone, return and walk over, pick her up and put her in the trap.  She's totally tame.  Vicki didn't know! 

She is gorgeous and needs a home, once her four boys are weaned.

Two of her four boys.

They have this darling black long hair girl kitten, waiting for a home!

This is one of two mothers KATA took in with newborn litters.  A woman had two cats she fed outside, both tame, did not get them fixed, and now instead of two cats, there 10 and KATA has all ten, two moms with four kittens each.  However, each mom now is caring for two additional kittens who were orphaned when their mom was hit by a car.
And they have a Siamese litter, one of whom was fixed yesterday.  I believe two have been preadopted.  KATA never adopts out cats or kittens unfixed.  They'll end up like poor Hobo, never fixed and suffering the consequences, as does society.

 You want a kitten?  Adopt one, from a rescue or shelter.  Already a lot of wonderful kittens have been born unwanted in our area alone.  Here is a link to KATA's petfinder site.  They don't have all their cats, kittens listed.  Trust me on that.  Time is a factor.  They all work regular jobs full time.

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