Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Kittens--So Far No Good Home Options

I've not had luck (so far) finding the Lebanon kittens people and homes.

 I have had a few contacts from people interested.

 I had a woman interested who recently lost her aged Siamese and a dog. I was very excited over that contact and had high hopes two kittens would go live with her.  I had no qualms at all and knew this was a very good person. In the end, she didn't even want to see them. She wasn't ready to get another companion.

 I had a couple contact me who also sounded tremendous. But they lost their cat when he got outside and they said he wouldn't stay inside. He was killed and they fear that fate for another pet.  However, they did not believe they could keep a cat inside. So they too decided to opt out of consideration.

 I've received some whacky contacts. A Portland area man wanted to adopt the female kitten unaware she is already fixed. He wanted her as a companion he claimed to his unfixed Siamese whom he intends to breed. I told him "Sorry buddy, I don't adopt to breeders."

 He felt it necessary then to defend his breeder mentality but his reasoning reminded me of Hitler era race purity fanaticism. He described the need to maintain a pure genetic Siamese breed, then also claimed his allergies prohibited him from owning any but pure bred Siamese so he had to breed more. This made no sense, since he was wanting to adopt a totally mixed blood Siamese looking kitten from me. I told him he was full of bullshit and if indeed his wife believed these things and is indeed a teacher, she should quit. These are illiterate ramblings, I argued.

 I believe it was a joke.  Probably another bored teen.

If it was a joke, the joke was involved, creative and ironic.

I have resorted to sending the five cute kitten faces off in photos attached to e-mails to my brothers, begging them to send them to their friends and ask their friends send them on, like a chain letter, until maybe the right person meets eyes with that photo, falls in love and calls me.  Someone who doesn't use, in their e-mail heading, "Hi, I'm a breeder looking for an unfixed Siamese" or "Hi, I'm crazy.  Mind if I pretend to be interested in your kittens for two months although I never intend to adopt?"  "Hi . I saw the e-mail about your kittens.  I'm not interested in adopting a kitten.  I have lots of issues and just need a new person to harass for the next few months."

So it goes.

The chain letter comparison does give me an idea.  Create an adoption chain letter!!!!

Maybe something like this....


It has come to light that five Albany kittens hold the key to the planet's survival.  If they get homes before December 1, 2012, the world doesn't end!  All you have to do, is forward this e-mail and their photos to five friends before sundown tonight.  (and if you don't, five terrible calamities will befall you within the next five months).  Because three of these kittens are sterile mixed breed Siamese, while the other two are a symbolic blue, black and white (very important color combinations, when associated with sterilized Siamese in references to averting apocalypse), the apocalypse will be averted if all five find responsible loving indoor only homes before December 1, 2012, as a result of this e-mail.  Do not break this chain.

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