Saturday, September 08, 2012

Goodbye Wasabi and Willow

Willow and Wasabi left today for a Portland home.  The woman had a hard time deciding between Sasha and Wasabi.  She'd hold one of the boys, with Willow, then the other, looking at them in the mirror, as she held the two, as if seeing which boy looked best next to Willow.  I said "Well, you can choose a matched pair or a contrasting pair."  Wasabi is a blue point like his sister Willow, while Sasha is classic seal point.

I went and got Sasha and Wasabi from the fosterer this morning.  Sasha has contracted a little cold.  That was one reason she chose Wasabi.



Willow on left, Sasha on right.

Wasabi again.

Sasha on left, Willow on right.
Good luck, kids.  I hope it goes ok for you up there in that home.  It's really stressful on me to do adoptions, like I've said many times over.

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