Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 Local Cats Fixed Yesterday

Six local cats were fixed at Heartland Humane, while another four made the trip up to be fixed at the Portland FCCO.

Two female kittens hailed from Lebanon and one of those was the very last of the Kitten Factory Colony kittens needing fixed.

Lebanon female kitten fixed yesterday at Heartland.

Another Lebanon female kitten fixed!

Two male kittens, fixed at Heartland, one taken in by KATA afterwards, to adopt out, hail from Albany and were born to a mother cat given away free on craigslist when very pregnant.  She was fixed last week.  Now two of her six kittens are fixed also.
This adorable Albany kitten is now available for adoption with KATA!  He was fixed yesterday.

This little Albany guy was fixed yesterday.

Another Albany black female teen also was fixed at Heartland.

Black female teen from Albany fixed yesterday.

A female, being fostered by KATA was fixed.  I have no photo of her.  A male from Oakville road was fixed, but not his sister, who just had kittens and guess who daddy to those kittens is?  Yup, the mom's brother.  At least he's fixed now.  I don't have a photo of this male either.  UPDATE:  I called the Oakville road woman and she did not take her male in yesterday, claiming she forgot and wanted to reschedule. I wanted to slap her through the phone.  I told her because she didn't show up, a reservation was wasted and that they are hard to come by.  This did not seem to affect her.  Who "forgets" an appointment made two days earlier and just bails on a chance to get a free fix?  I told her, if I do reschedule him, I will pick him up, so he actually will get to the clinic.  People suck!!!!!  It is no wonder the cats suffer.

The four fixed at the FCCO included two teens, a brother and a sister, from the Corvallis business colony.  Previously, I caught their mom and two brothers and got them fixed.
This female kitten was also fixed yesterday.  This photo of her was taken before I caught her over at the Corvallis river business colony.  She now sports a right ear tip.

Male gray tabby teen, from Corvallis, fixed yesterday.

And two siblings from Albany, both black, one a male and one a female.  I already got three adult females fixed at that house, including their mom.  They had three black kittens and up until when I picked them up the woman thought there were three, until a man in the house said he gave one of them away to some woman over a week before.  No one else had noticed.
Albany siblings, that's the boy in front, fixed yesterday at the FCCO.

So, it was a great day again for the local cat population with 11 more getting fixed, although there are so many unfixed cats out there.  It can be depressing how many people do not fix their pets and think that's ok.

While I waited yesterday for the cats to be fixed, I headed once again off to Hagg Lake with my raft.  I had thrown together a cart quickly the night before, out of OSB scrap wood and three wheels I had bought some time ago at the Empire Mercantile, when in Coos Bay at the S/nipped clinic.  I used a handle from an old push fertilizer spreader I found.

My raft bag is heavy and to haul it down close to the water to take out and pump it up means dragging the bag, which has caused some tears in the bottom of the canvas bag.  So Thursday night I was frantically putting together the home made cart.

I was late getting to the lake, with a friend I picked up, so I got even less time than usual, and never got into the lake to swim.  No time after going out with my friend, paddling the raft like a canoe, then going out alone, and rowing it like a row boat, which was great fun and wonderful.

 So quickly it was time to leave.  The traffic was snarled on I5 south badly, so on a whim, I exited onto 43 and drove through Lake Oswego to hit 205 S, and once on I5, still snarled, I used the completely open far right lane, which goes for like three miles from the 205 ramp onto I5 south, as an exit only lane to the N. Wilsonville exit.  I sailed in that lane, then took the exit, and drove the back roads to the south Wilsonville on ramp to I5 south and thus bypassed all the miserable I5 traffic.  Was awesome!

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