Monday, June 04, 2012

Fluffy black tux Polydactyl Kitten Now Lives in Newport

This little guy, one of the first nine kittens caught at the two-legged torti colony, now is living in Newport, on Oregon's coast, with an old friend of mine, Matilda, from the Lebanon Shovel Killer Neighbor colony.  Matilda was adopted a year and a half ago by Jan on the coast and is doing just fine.  When she saw photos of the black tux boy, she and her husband could not resist.  Today they picked him up.

Six more are up in Wilsonville and I still have three, including the two youngest, merely three weeks of age.  The students found three of them, but the landlord took one.  They were screaming and likely abandoned by Stubby butt after her spay.  The older girl kitten (probably four weeks) is wilder but coming around and probably one of two kittens birthed by Captain.  The other, mostly white with some black, still eludes capture and is hanging with her mom, Captain, in the berry vines.  With the stormy rainy cold weather we are experiencing as "summer" here in Oregon, I hope the students and the landlords' kids catch her soon.

Yes, the sun is missing in Oregon.  I need to find and trap the sun, and release the sun here in Oregon. 

Sun, we love you.  Come to Oregon.  It's not so bad, not really.  Ok it is bleak and dreary and depressing and where the hell are you?  You were supposed to be here weeks ago, brightening our days.  Instead, you're late and lallygagging out somewhere else, probably in a bar down in Arizona watching the fires you are fanning.  You've turned dark, Sun, when here in Oregon, when you come, because you visit so rarely, like we're old and boring, we throw parties and dust off the decades old sunscreen.  It's so rarely needed one tube here lasts a lifetime.

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