Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Linn County Cat Needs Medical Donations

Chipin to help Linn County cat Pixie!   A friend in Brownsville rescued Pixie from an Albany hoarder.  She is a wobbles cat, under a year old, and the Brownsvillle woman was unable to provide for all her medical issues.  She transferred her to a Siamese rescue in WA state.  But a routine vet exam uncovered her ear polyps and deep ear infection.  She may not be a wobbles cat at all and her off balance problems may be caused instead by this ear problem.  The polyps need biopsied to see if they're cancer, too, once removed.   So...chip in for Pixie using the link at the beginning of the post.  Even small amounts help.

In other news, my computer is still running but I can only use it a very short time each day.  I believe it is overheating but I don't know for sure.  I am backing up all files and hope it lasts for at least a little while longer.  That's about all I can do.


 The Best Friends Club--girls Daisy, Starry, Slurpy and Electra.
 Odd Sleeping Positions!
Calamity, far left back.  Miss Daisy, up front, zonked out, on the left.  Next to Daisy is her buddy Starry and Slurpy on her back.  Way up front, on the right, old gal Electra!  They all love the window cat shelf bed.

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