Friday, March 30, 2012

19 Local Cats Fixed Today

I'm completely worn out. However, today, the good news is, 19 more local cats got fixed. 15 came from the new rural Linn County colony. The caretakers reported seeing another this morning, but I left them two traps and hopefully, they will catch the teen, before I return the other 15.

Six of the 15 were boys. Here they are:
Buff orange big boy, fixed today.

Orange tabby teen male, fixed today.

Gray tabby male kitten, fixed today.

Gray male, fixed today.

Gray tux male fixed today.

Silver tabby tux male fixed today.

And the nine girls!
Muted torbi kitten, spayed today.

Another muted torbi kitten spayed today.

Orange tabby and white female kitten, spayed today.

Fire torbi, spayed today.

Gray tabby tux female, spayed today.

Sweet calico, spayed today.

Big torbi tux female, spayed today.

Gray tabby female, spayed today.
Muted torti, spayed today.

The 16th is another from the Lebanon Big Boys colony--a polydactyl all black manx. I don't know if it's another big boy. Haven't checked the records. Picked him up last night, on the way back from the other colony. The Lebanon folks met me at the Shell station. The Shell station is the new cat drop off pick up. Used to be Leathers gas station there on 34 at I5. But now it's the Shell station. Things change.
The black manx is indeed another big boy, but now fixed!

I'd left the Lebanon folks two traps. They still have one really big boy to catch and the two indoor tame boys who are scheduled to be fixed Monday.

And the female with kittens somewhere. We're cutting it down though, cat by cat.

The 17th and 18th cats were two Albany kitties, taken in as strays.
Albany black female, fixed today.

Albany black tux male fixed today.

And the 19th is the prize of the century, the big problem tom from the Side by Side colonies in Albany, a fighter, who injures other cats badly, really lousy attitude and I hope that improves, with the loss of the major male bad attitude organs. He's a nice looking guy. The big males, once neutered, are often the nicest cats on earth. Let's hope niceness takes over this big guy in three weeks to one month. I've been after him since January.

With his capture, I'm done there. Feels good to be done somewhere.

I'm totally zonkered senseless. I did sleep several hours at the rest area.

It's Miller Time.

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