Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ten More Local Cats to S/nipped Yesterday

Yesterday, I took down ten more local cats to S/nipped. They included 8 Albany cats from four locations, plus a male, Henry, who lives between Albany and Corvallis, and also Little Black eyed Pea, the the second survivor of the Lebanon Siamese mom (Very Old Woman colony) who had 10 kittens. He lives on the edge of Albany.
Henry, sweet black male (bad photo), fixed yesterday.

Black Eyed Pea felt like a double crypt. Neither testicle were inside the ball sacs but you could feel them behind and down a little from where they should have been. The vet down at Snipped was able to pop them up into the ball sacs then neuter him as usual, instead of doing an invasive "lost boys" operation to find them from the belly side.
Black eyed Pea, neutered yesterday.

Sadly, Buster, a big sweet black tux male, fed as a stray on Thurston street for a few months, was very ill, and tested positive for both FIV and Felk. He was euthanized surrounded by people petting him and comforting him. He was put under anesthesia before he was euthanized, to ease his passing. That woman feeds a second male, who will have to be tested too, and I need to get him in, as breeding season is starting. Don't want a male positive for either of those diseases out fighting, breeding and spreading disease that way.
Buster, the lovable and sweet stray male with tested double positive.

Also, three males, a Persian mix, Whiskers, and two teen boys--Daisy May and Cheeto, went to be fixed. The two females from that household were fixed last trip. I asked the people why they named a male kitten Daisy May. The woman said, "Oh, we named him after our uncle." Ok. That explains it!
Daisy May!
Whiskers, neutered yesterday.

Cheeto, neutered yesterday.

Three teens also went down from another Albany location. The woman rescued them, from a stray mom who ended up dead in a garage opening accident. This woman rehomed her prior litter too, but said every one of those kittens ran away from their new homes. She thought the three teens were all girls. But Squirtle turned out to be a boy!
Teen girl Lily, under anesthesia, in recovery from spay.
Squirtle, black tux long hair soft as silk boy teen, from Albany, fixed yesterday.

Picachu, black tux long hair girl, spayed yesterday, from Albany.

An Albany female also made the trip. Last trip, a huge beat up Maine Coon male, from same household, was neutered. This trip, it was Kiwi's turn.
Kiwi, getting prepped for spay!

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