Saturday, December 03, 2011

Very Old Woman Colony Revisited

I took a cat house I made from the unwanted Millersburg scrap wood up to the old woman with the cats in Lebanon a week ago. However, she wanted it on her porch, not out in the woods, making the tin roof unneeded. I was worried she would cut herself on the roof's sharp edges.

I made a new board roof for the cat house, one that can be pulled off easily with a cord I attached through an eye hook. I also attached a piece of carpet to the top so the cats could sleep on it if they wanted to.

I took that up today. She didn't answer the door. I assume she was out with her son, who has been visiting from Grants Pass, which is nice for her, since she has no car. I left a note on the door. I took the tin roof attached to OSB off and put it in my car then put the board roof on. There were maybe six cats inside the cat house. They love it!

There were a couple over behind the neighbors who has a little private junk dump going on there. I wanted to be sure they had ear tips. With my bad eyes, the best way to figure that out is to take photos and check for ear tips in the photos. All three had ear tips, so there's just the one still needing fixed.

The two in the above photos are both boys and both were fixed in September at the Coos Bay Snipped clinic.

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