Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photos of the Nine Cats I Took to Snipped Yesterday

Here are some photos of the Snipped clinic.Stop! Sit! Stay!
Snip Angel.

Front door.
Front of the building.
Decorative fence.
Be on time!
This is Gracie, a muted torti fixed mid September. I trapped her. I knew she was nursing kittens. The cat woman of the block had already grabbed one, as a bottle babe, but later grabbed two more, and a neighbor took one. Three of her kittens, hand raised by the block cat woman, Buttercup, Daisy and Snickers, were fixed yesterday. Meanwhile, Gracie, formerly a wild girl, begs at the woman's door for wet cat food.

I can't find the photo I took of kitten Daisy. My camera batteries were failing by end of day, when I took photos of the five Albany kittens and teens fixed. Plus, they were hazed under anesthesia, not at their best, in other words.
Snickers, gray tabby male kitten from Albany, fixed yesterday at Snipped.

Buttercup, muted torti kitten, fixed yesterday at Snipped.
Smokey, DMH gray teen male from Albany fixed yesterday.
Skeeter, tabby on white teen male, from Albany, neutered yesterday.
The big black Millersburg male, under anesthesia.
The already fixed tame stray from just outside Albany.
The trailer park male with the bashed in mouth who was euthanized.
Zanadoo, the young brown tabby Never Ending Colony female I drop trapped, recovering from surgery on the "warm bed" at Snippped.
Zannadoo, again.
The Millersburg big black male again. He has an abscess behind his ear. Just after he was anesthesized, he dripped thickish orange blood and at first they thought it was urine and were concerned, then found it was the abscess, draining. They filled it with antibiotics. He's a beautiful cat, gorgeous coat, two or three years old, and now stands a chance of not contracting Feline Aids, from fighting. He also looks a lot like two of those female kittens I caught there and fixed at the FCCO clinic last Sunday.

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