Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Three Cats Fixed Today

Here's the starving Lynx Pt, fixed today. His story below.
The Lebanon trailer park calico, fixed today.
The calico's male kitten, also fixed today.
And the starving Lynx Pt. again.

I took up three cats to be fixed today. I took up the Lynx Point male I trapped out at the abandoned trailer. He never belonged there. He was so starved he ate five cans of wet food within an hour after I caught him.

I saw other cats from a distance, down the tracks, but none would come to my traps set at the trailer. Something awful must have happened there to the other cats, so the maybe two left of the original are so scared of the property now they won't come near it.

The other two cats fixed today are a mother and her son from a Lebanon trailer park, the same one where I took in about 30 cats to be fixed a year or maybe two years back, where the little orange mother came and deposited her four kittens by my car, then backed off. That trailer park. She met at the freeway this morning however and I didn't have to drive to pick them up. She's a nice young woman, eager to get her cats fixed and willing to drive to get it done and she paid my gas.

The three cats were done by noon. Good thing. I was tired out from checking traps off and on, all night. I did sleep four hours, from 1:00 a.m. until I jolted awake at 5:00 a.m. yanked on clothes and raced out to check those traps. I'd had a dream that I'd caught a skunk, you see.

Nothing in either trap and I won't try further, not now anyhow. Seems pointless.

I got back by 5:30 a.m. and slept for another hour then got ready to go up with the cats.

I got a neighbor to take the Siamese male. He's tame you see and has no ear mites at all. The vet checked his teeth to determine age, so I could tell the trailer woman's mom that this is not a cat her daughter fed at all. The vet says he's about a year old. I got the trailer cats fixed two years ago.

I don't know if this guy was dumped off or roaming in search of females and got lost. All I know is he is literally starved to death. I took a cage out to the neighbors, for whom I once trapped over 40 cats, and we set him up in the same cage he'd been in for a couple days here, before I could get him fixed.

He had seemed so relieved to have a soft bed and all the food he could eat. The moment I put him back into the cage at their place, he went straight for the food, as we, strangers to him, watched right beside him. Ferals don't do that.

You can lean over him, too, and he does not react to that. A feral would go nuts if something was peering down on them.

I was so happy that they would take him on, along with their herds. Their cat herds were there, unbeknownst to them, when they bought the place. They've been long fixed, however. I used my remote control trap to catch the last ones there. I miss that remote control. I triggered it there on a cat from 700 feet, using a spotting scope to determine the cat had no ear tip. The remote control receiver unit and my spotting scope were stolen out of my garage a few months ago.

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