Saturday, May 14, 2011

Warehouse Trapping Photos

Two young black cats investigate the trap. I caught both of these.
Stark moldy warehouse window.
Siamese strolls the warehouse. I caught this one, but there is another young Siamese not yet caught and fixed.
Siamese I later caught sits in the middle of the warehouse floor.
Fixed tabby against seed stacks. I caught this girl twice last night. She was fixed over a year ago.
This black and white female was also fixed over a year ago.
Big black male.
Two barn swallows roost inside the warehouse, which was swarming in swallows, who swooped in and out of the door inches from me, like bats.
Serenading barn swallow.
More cobwebs.
The fixed tabby again.
Fixed black stares at me, eyes aglow.
Fixed black and white peers at me from pallet stack.
Black male without eartip.
Big male naps atop seed stacks.
Big unfixed male in the grass.
Barn swallow in the rafters.
Siamese and black cats on the warehouse floor.
Hanging webs.

Zach's new people say he's doing well, although he cries a lot. He's already bonded with one of their cats and sleeps with that cat and with them, which is what they wanted. They love him. Who wouldn't? He is, after all, Mr. Wonderful.

My Adair friend caught her last stray male. He too was FIV positive and had to be euthanized due to his extreme aggression. That's six Adair cats caught now, who turned out FIV positive. Every unfixed free roaming male in Adair is likely FIV positive. What are people thinking when they let their unfixed boys free roam? Do not bother to learn the risks, not only to their cat, but to all cats exposed to their cat, in fights? Big Ben and Adair, both FIV positive tame males, abandoned and then fed near Santiam Christian, are still with Poppa's president and wonderful. The FIV positive tame female from that group of six cats was euthanized.

The same woman who fed them also fed another stray male who showed up at her north Adair property. He too was FIV positive although she still takes care of him. He's not aggressive. Then she had two more big cats show up, likely abandoned by assholes in old Adair. She trapped one whom I took to be fixed and she then released. He was not tested but the vet highly suspected him as positive. The second she trapped this last week, and due to his aggression towards her own cats and his FIV positive status, he was euthanized.

Adair people, fix your kitties!!!!

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