Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Latest Teen

This is the latest muted calico teen trapped last night at the business. She was starved, to say the least and is not much more than a kitten. She is a very pale light gray, a few darker spots, white and a couple patches of pale orange. She's quite pathetic.

And then, tonight, one employee there pulls me over to some insulation and whispers, "Guess what we found." I knew. I knew which cat it would be, too. The fuzzy dark gray tabby on white female had her kittens and was hidden inside some insulation with them. I would have netted her tonight, but I had no carriers along, for her and her kittens. I hope she doesn't move them tonight, but she might, because in the morning, come hell or high water, I'm netting her if she's still there.

As I drove off down the road tonight, I glanced over at the other colony, the colony where I was told all the cats were fixed but they were not. There I saw the big orange tom who roams the business nights, sitting out in the parking lot like he owned it. I'll have to try for him there. Gosh darn him anyhow.

Of the nine I've trapped, 8 eight have been females. I'd like to nab that 10th female, and her kittens, too. Where are they going to go? I don't know yet. Something will come up. I had been contacted by a friend of some people starting an organic farm. I told her to have them call me, but they haven't. Maybe they still will. I would go for it if the location is not awash in predators.

Fat Zach is leaving soon. Boy, will we ever miss him here.

The Marian County ladies will take Smolder soon. Some cats leave, some cats come, but I hope soon more leave than come.

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