Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Photos of Dex

I took these photos this morning of Dex. Last night, I let her out of the sick cage. If she's dying, I don't want her to die in a cage. She needs to enjoy her life to the last moment the way she wants to spend her time and where she wants to spend it. She spent last night sleeping atop me in bed. Today, she's on the back of the couch, one of her favorite places on earth. Being in a cage is not conducive either to getting well. To get well, the body needs to move so things circulate and beat and....well, you know.
And look who took over the sick cage, which is highly popular among the cats, and fought over.....Fantasia gets the treasured spot this time......while her mom, Meesa, and sister, Echo, occupy side by side cat beds in the top level of the highly popular baby changing station.Valentino, the big guy, old, slow and lovable, who needs some teeth pulled, is gorgeous in his own way as ever.

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