Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ninth Business Cat Caught

I struggled this morning, to find my keys, my cell phone, to just wake up, groggy and sore from tree wrangling yesterday.

I had received no call from the parts and maintenance man at the business so felt no rush in getting going. I figured if a cat had been caught he would have called me.

But, I was considering if I should pull the traps, since last weekend, with the traps tied open and food in and around them, nothing had been touched.

But I finally found my keys and headed over. To my shock, inside one of the traps was a muted calico teen, who looks a lot like Stiletto, the other muted calico teen.

She was starving, and ate even from hand through the trap mesh after gulping two cans of wet food. She'd tried to eat the paper lining the trap, too.

I wonder how many more are out there, starving, desperate and if there are more, and I know of at leave four males and an adult female, who was pregnant, I hope they stumble onto my traps in that vast area soon.

I also hope I can find some solution, an option, a place for them to go, where they won't immediately be killed and eaten by predators. Most of them have so much white on them, making them unsuitable for most barn placements.

I've caught nine now there at the business. Eight of them have been females.

Yesterday, I left to go to the store, before my niece arrived, and when I came back, the bathroom door was open. The 8 business cats are in my bathroom. The door doesn't latch very well sometimes. One was missing from the bathroom crowd when I did a head count--Tilly, the tabby on white teen female, who is now free roaming the house.

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