Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Total, Seven More Caught at the Seed Warehouse

She is not a teenager after all. You can see at least two of the kittens in this photo. All four kittens are all white.

In total, I was able to locate and trap seven unfixed adult cats at a warehouse with 28 already fixed cats also roaming the property. Total trapped there now for fixing: 35, which includes the not yet fixed Siamese female. This number does not include her four still living kittens.

All of the other six I caught are black. Two are big black males, but as for the sex of the other four, I have no idea.

They are being fixed at the FCCO clinic in Corvallis. I came home, to catch up on work here and relax and nap.

I'm not going to trap further at the warehouse for now. Am worn thin. I feel warm and fuzzy, due to being tired out, and giggle for little or no reason.

I'm hoping to find someone to foster Siamese mom and brood. I transferred her to a bigger hutch with a bigger carrier. I warmed up the Snow Cold kitten again, and gave it 2 cc of sub cu fluids and then fed it. Then I put it back in with mom. If it lives, its name will be Snow.

I'm caught up on all the chores, from laundry to litter box cleaning to mopping and sweeping. After I pick up the cats from the clinic, I'm done for the night and will kick back for some time to recuperate.

"Jody has had a small surgical procedure to repair 11 ingrown toenails and a large wart on the end of her nose. She requires bed rest for two weeks," is the message I think I'll put on my answering machine. Or I will think of something whackier.

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