Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Cell Problems

I decided to switch to Net10 from tracfone because tracfone minutes are so damn expensive.

With Net10, you can get a 30 day 750 minute card for $25. However, even though Net10 is owned by tracfone, I had to get a new darn phone and the cheapest crappiest ones have gone up in price. I was dismayed at how cheap plastic crappy the phone was, when I opened the box.

I was even more dismayed however, when I tried to make a call on it. I'd added all my contacts and absolutely no calls would go through. Not one. The phone would not even try. Until suddenly it went through on one contact only. We talked briefly then the phone went dead. She tried calling back. I could see her trying on the phone but the phone would not even ring. I tried calling her and it would say I was connected but could hear nothing.

I tried calling customer service then. They are closed. Big surprise.

I am so fed up with cheap crap electronic devices that barely function but are sold as functioning items I would like to stuff it down a just used toilet. I want my money back and I want it back immediately. I'll go without a cell phone. Life will be good again.

I'm not cut out for cell phone use.

It's not my destiny.

My PC has also given me great trouble ever since I clicked the update to Windows 8 button. Stupid me. It was an innocent mistake born of my trusting nature.

Windows 8 screwed my already slow computer so badly I have struggled for days to rid myself of Windows 8. I curse you, Windows 8. You don't work right! I believe I have now accomplished that mission. I killed Windows 8 on my PC.

Now it works again. But......

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