Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Call Wanting to Deliver Appliances

Yet another call tonight, three of them actually, in a row, from some delivery company wanting to deliver an ordered appliance. I didn't answer. It was a robocall and the robot voice wanted me to push #1 to schedule and confirm delivery of something.

Only I haven't ordered any appliance or furniture. This is the 3rd such call in as many months. The first was from some company wanting to schedule delivery of some big fancy bed. The second was someone wanting to schedule delivery of a stove and something else from Lowes. I don't know what's been ordered now, using my number. I'm sick of it.

Either it is someone stealing credit cards and using this number, like the last person who had this number who seems to owe everyone in the world money, or it is a scammer using 3PD's ID, to phish.

Either way, I don't talk to them. The third time they called, I could not find my whistle nearby, so I screamed loud and long, into the phone. The cats scattered! Have received no more calls.

Do you think "the scream" was a good response?

What about snuffly snotty sounding sobbing?

Or...hysterical laughter?

I've been known to hold a match beneath a smoke detector as a perfect excuse to get off the phone. "I have to hang up. Sorry. House is on fire."

I've used the old knocking on my desk or wall thing too. "Hey, I got to go. Somebody's at the door."

Scammers and phishers and robocalls take different tactics. I need some fresh ideas!

UPDATE: By the time I got home this afternoon, I had accrued many more calls from 3PD. This time, they mentioned a name. "This call is for Eric Meyers (who knows what spelling on this mystery appliance buyer man's name) and we have your delivery from Lowe's. We are 15 minutes out and want to confirm you are home."

I cracked up to hear this message.

But who and where is Eric Myers and why do Lowe's and 3PD think my number belongs to Mr. Eric Meyers (notice I am interchanging my Meyers/Myers spelling. That's for fun, ok? Fun.)

I should get something out of this mix up or foul play. Next time they try this again, I will just change the delivery address to here! I hope it's something really great, too.

I called the main Lowe's number. The customer service rep was barely understandable and she could not seem to understand what I was trying to get at. I tried hard to tell her my concerns, that this Eric Myers has possibly stolen my ID if that's even his or her name. Or whatever is going on, and I have no idea.

I tried to tell her this is the third time this has happened. But she kept telling me they have nothing to do with it. I could almost picture her with hands over ears, eyes and mouth and also going "La, la la la la." They want no part of this action. She finally gave me 3PD's number. When I called 3PD's customer service line, I was told by robot they are closed. I left a message.

The last time this happened, a couple months ago I guess it was, Lowe's claimed they would investigate. Yeah right. I seriously doubted that then. Obviously that investigation got stalled out somewhere.

I have to benefit somehow from this latest crapola affecting my existence. The next time Eric Meyers or whatever name might be used buys from Lowe's or somewhere else and that delivery driver calls me, whatever that is they are so intent on delivering that they call me over and over and over again, that or those items are going to come here. Because Eric Myers better change the mistake that's going on, or next time, the clean up will be on him and the lounge chair will be coming here.

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