Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Trac Fone Woe

My latest greatest trac fone is dead. It was a bad phone from the start. I got it after I accidentally washed my old trac fone. It not only went through the wash cycle but sat in the washer tub, full of water, for several hours, unbeknownst to me, before I added more clothes and hit the wash button. The next day, I removed the clothes to dry them and heard a "thunk" when I threw my jeans into the dryer. The source of the "thunk" was my trac fone hitting the side of the dryer.

You would not think anything could survive such a long water bath. In fact, there was water sloshing through the LCD screen display. I removed the battery and rice bagged the whole thing. Three days later, the phone would turn on, but then the screen would go sloshy, then green, then blank out. I despaired.

So I bought the Samsung trac fone for $10 and transferred my remaining minutes and number to it.

However, I kept the rice bag treatment going on the Motorola phone. In two weeks time, the phone worked again!!!! No more water sloshing around in myraid patterns in the screen. No more grainy green screen turning to black. Yay! I charged the battery and began using it to play games. I loved it so much more than the black crappy cheap hard to see Samsung.

The Samsung has no games to while away time, while waiting for cats to be fixed, at the rest area. Sudoku is my favorite. I'm addicted. I like Tetris too.

A few days ago the Samsung started making high low beeps almost constantly, even during calls, which rarely stayed connected. Then it began to say in the screen window, when I tried to make a call, to remove the headphones. I have never used the headphones.

After an hour on hold, I finally got through to customer service at tracfone, who said the phone was no good and there was no use trying.

I said "Oh my, how wonderful, because....despite the washer fiasco, I've dried out my beloved old $10 motorola trac fone. Let's switch my minutes and number back to it." I was almost gleeful.

The customer service rep was enthusiastic also about this change. At least I felt he was.

In two or three days, I'll get a new SIM card. Then I'll call customer service again and hopefully it won't take almost an hour to get through, and at that time, I'll get to transfer my minutes and number back to the old washing machine phone.

In the meantime, I'm disconnected, in so many ways.

That's ok. I think.

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