Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dickens' Adoption Video

Dickens is such a sweet little guy, hope he can get a home.

In the news today, the Arizona shooting yesterday. Seems to have been the work of one nutcase with access to a big gun.

Too bad he can't just kill himself now, save taxpayers money, and the country and victim families angst. He was a radical, in thinking, some say left wing, some right wing, but actually seemed completely insane in his rambling undiscliplined thoughts. Does it matter? He's a murderer. He killed a man in his prime, three old women, a child and a 60 year old judge. He injured countless others, causing terrible grief and expense too.

Takes a masssive ego to do that.

I wish he could be gone from this planet. He never belonged here among us in the first place.

There's lots of talk that the angry and often violent rhetoric of politics lately might, in some cases, inspire nutcases like this guy to seek hero status by doing just what he did. He ain't talking to say why he unleashed on the Congresswomen and the crowd there. If he does ever talk, it will likely be to demand more of his darned rights be met. Like I say, egomaniac sociopaths.

Does the violent political rhetoric actually promote violence? Don't know. Ask elsewhere. Doesn't provoke me or anyone I know. I think it would only provoke trigger happy nutcases already insane and lonely men who seek some sort of hero status in little anti government niche groups of otherwise complete losers.

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