Friday, December 10, 2010

Six Albany Cats Fixed Today. Day of the Siamese.

Six Albany cats were fixed today. Two came from a neighbor of the blue boy who was fixed on Tuesday. Meet Alice and Jasper!

Then, an Albany woman had called me about a stray semi feral male she was feeding. I went and trapped him easily last night. He was fixed, a big orange tabby.Meet the now neutered Groucho!

I picked up a kitten, rescued when barely born, down at that seed warehouse where I got 27 fixed last winter. There were more, I knew, but the owner comes in Monday morning, says "Get your traps, you're done." And that was that. There was no argueing with him that more would be born.Meet the very lucky Baby!

More have been born and this Siamese was one of them. He would have died had not the seed worker brought him home. He said he was frothing at the mouth and in the process of dying, just not even two weeks old. They somehow saved him. Today, he was neutered.

Then, over near where I helped an old woman trap three stray boy kittens she was feeding, who had showed up with their tame mom, just suddenly, another woman called for help. She'd had a stray Siamese Lynx Point polydactyl kitten wander up. She thought it belonged down the block, but no neighbors would claim it and say they think she was dumped or someone at the apartments shoved her out. She is darlng and was fixed today. They're keeping her.I did not catch this girls' name.

Then I pick up the one kitten left from a woman who had a friend find bottle babes in her backyard down in the Front street area of town. This little guy, a Flamepoint, is cuter than a button, and now neutered.Meet Itty Bitty!

Day of the Siamese. The woman who found the Lynx Point also point out an adult neutered Flamepoint, hanging out in the school parking lot. She said it's so sad. He showed up a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and it's like he's waiting there, checking cars, for whomever dumped him to come back for him. She can't take him in too. I told her I was sorry but I couldn't take him either. She's going to try Safehaven and Spay Inc. and every no kill shelter she can find on petfinder, Portland included. He's really beautiful and loves her dogs.

Somebody loved him once and he's shocked now to be in this situation, shocked and depressed. I feel bad for him, but I just can't take more here. I have had no adoptions forever.

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