Sunday, November 14, 2010

Someone Got Killed in Brownsville Last Night

In the Oregonian, a Portland paper, there was mention of a deputy involved shooting down in Brownsville, which is lower Linn County, the county I live in. Guess it was prowlers on a property and the deputy was looking around and someone started a car and allegedly tried to run him down so he shot at the car which kept on going. The car was found in a field, four miles away, driver deceased, but the other person in the car was taken into custody.

No more details have yet been published. Sounds scary and horrifying for all involved. It was down on Gap Road, the Oregonian website said.

In other news, dive teams are searching underwater locations around Suavie Island in the latest attempts to find Kyron Horman, the missing little boy. I figured since the stepmom's favorite show is Dexter and Dexter gets rid of bodies by sinking them in water inside plastic garbage bags that might be the method she used, if she killed him. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack, however. On the news, showing small pieces of interviews with the father, I can see the rage and frustration growing inside Kaine Horman for his soon to be ex wife Terri.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of shoes. Someone I don't know sent me a gift certificate for shoes. I ordered them online and the great part about the website is you can return them over and over if you have to, if they don't fit right. I ordered a pair immediately, and I hope they fit the first time. I found a size chart on their website and it told how to size your foot by measuring it, in both American and European brands. However, the chart did say sizes will vary, sometimes greatly, by brand.

I cannot wait for these shoes to come and am humbled that a stranger has given me the gift of shoes.

Thank you also to Frodonnah!!! I got a big bottle of roundwormer as a result of her help. It should last me at least half a year. THANK YOU!

I keep thinking about the Lebanon couple, whose cats were fixed two days ago. They are amazing. They have a property they use just to go out and fiddle with their animals and make things. They couldn't get power to the property because the cost would have been sky high. So they guy got solar panels at Harbor Freight.

He said after getting them, the problem was figuring out how to hook everything up right. People who sell them, he said, don't know how to install them to work out the electrics. His wife chimed in that electricians and technicians are very oriented to AC current and this is DC. He figured it out and now powers the shop there, with lights, even saws for woodworking, using mainly two sets of three 45 amp solar panels. He thinks the 45 amp ones generate more power than larger amp panels, because he's gotten one larger amp panel. Those 45 amp panels are on sale right now at Harbor Freight he said, for under $200.

I bet most people don't know how cheap is can be to set up solar power, at least some minimal.

He has two sets of three 12 volt batteries they're hooked to. The panels come with a sort of voltage regulator, that regulates the voltage dripping into the batteries. He put a fuse between the regulator and the battery sets and then also between the battery sets and these other boxes and I can't remember what they're called but he mainly uses the 300 watt one, so that if he wants to run electrics that that operate on or under 300 watts he switches the juice to run from the batteries through that box, whatever its' called, and on out through the electrical line he buried to the shop.

He found hooking only three car batteries in series is better. It was pretty cool to see it all, and I was amazed really at how cheaply it could be done. He also had a very small wind turbine on a tall metal pole, but he says it doesn't generate much, except sometimes in the winter when there are frequent storms. The solar panels work great, he said. He has a generator out there he can use if there isn't enough juice stored to run his saws, which draw a lot of power. He has a wood stove in the shop for heat. It's really innovative, his set up, and that couple is cool.

I wonder if people know it is relatively cheap and easy to hook up some minimal solar. They're an interesting very smart couple, that is for sure. To catch the cats that were fixed, he drilled a couple small holes in carriers, covered the sides with wood pieces, ran a string from the carrier metal door through the hole in the front of the carrier and out through one in the back, put bait in the back of the carrier, which wedged in so it could not move against the force of him holding the door shut with the string, once the cat was inside the carrier, then his wife would run and secure the carrier door.

I was amazed that someone actually did for themselves, didn't want to borrow traps or want me to sit out there and do it for them. This guy is over 80.

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