Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Cats Fixed Today

Four teens from Corvallis were fixed today. Squirrely, this tabby on white boy, was one of them.
Spotty, a black and white boy, fixed today.
Deborah, a calico kitten, spayed today.
Blackie the torti again, also fixed today.

Brutus and his brother.
The feral brown tabby male, fairly young, now fixed, whom I believe is Brutus's father.
Tabby on white male, from Brutus's colony, now deceased, who tested positive for FIV.

I took up the four kittens from the Corvallis man with the broken leg, who has nothing, but is quite nice and very grateful. Two boys and two girls. He'd given the fifth kitten away. She was the only one he was able to place, despite repeated ads in the paper and on craigslist. He says he'll keep trying.

The fifth kitten fixed today was Brutus, from downtown Albany. I get home, and coindidentally, the woman who cares for his mother and the other cats of that group, had left a message stating the big old tabby on white male I took to be neutered had just been euthanized. She had it done. His foot swelled up and he got really sick and he was positive for FIV. I am not surprised. But, I have to say, he's not the father of Brutus or the other kittens. That old tabby on white was too decripid too compete. I fixed a brown tabby young male, just about a year old, probably one of Laurel's older kittens, Brutus's half brother. He's the father, I'm telling her.

She's concerned Laurel might have FIV. Big deal, I think to myself, let her live her life out. She's not spreading it if she does have it. I doubt she does. It's hard to pass to females since they are rarely out there knock down drag out fighting. They sometimes get it when a male bites through the neck skin in the act of sex, however. Then they pass it to their kittens sometimes, through their milk or during birth. But kittens born with FIV rarely make it to teenagehood and Brutus shows no signs. He'll be tested in a couple months.

I went to Corvallsi this evening. I saw a cat dead along highway 20, near Seavy. It's this cat, fixed last winter and fed on Seavy. She was a girl.

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