Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seven Cats Fixed Yesterday

I took seven cats down to the Neuterscooter clinic in Veneta yesterday. I arrived with them at 9:00 a.m. and headed home with them at 1:30 p.m. She's quick.

I had a credit with her, so paid very little for getting all seven fixed, including Slurpy, the Lebanon torti kitten. I also got her a rabies vaccination, since she's three months old now, and she tested negative for Felk.

The other six cats fixed were a feral calico from the downtown colony, then five from that apartment complex over on Davidson. The woman who called me, the second woman, since the first moved out, had caught one of two black male kittens and taken him inside her apartment. However, the kitten was scared, didn't eat or drink, and hid up inside the arm of her hidabed. That one, I had to put in my bathroom and give sub cu fluids. Otherwise, he would be dead. The woman's apartment is so messy/trashy she does not need to be taking in a kitten like that.

So the two male kittens were fixed. Their mom, a torbi, was fixed, and a black and white feral teen was fixed, too. Also fixed, a tame kitten from the house across the street. She got left behind by a neighbor, too. This is a bad area for that.

There were three big males that the disabled woman did get fixed using Safehaven vouchers, so that was good. Now five more are fixed. Allegedly there are a couple more males who come through daily who need fixed.

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