Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pacific Power Increasing Rates by over 10%

While jobs flounder and SS cost of living adjustments have been denied supposedly because no costs have risen, Pacific Power is raising its rates by 10%, allegedly to recover costs of building a Wyoming wind farm. I thought that was what the voluntary higher rates were for, that you can pay if you have like money to burn and want to hand Pacific Power, a private company, more $ each month, the Blue Sky program.

I would never in a million years voluntarily hand over extra money to a private company each month and expect they would honestly use it for purpose claimed. I'm not that trusting.

In fact I think it's downright stupid to voluntarily pay more. People don't really know where that money is going. Who has that kind of money to burn? Probably a bunch of people who don't even fix their own cats.

In fact, there was a couple in rural Linn who had tons of unfixed cats, promised to pay me and Poppa back, never did, and he works for the power company. So, there you have it.

So 10% rate hike coming. What do we get for it? Well, where I live, momentary power outages have been common. Longer outages are not uncommon.

Anyhow, they're just jacking things up for their own bottom line and pockets. I would so love to get off the grid. When a power company wants to make more money, it means I and every other person has less money.

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