Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Video I Made. Frustrated Cat Wrangler

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  1. So many places USED to have what they termed "dog catchers" and now with bureacracies, there are orgs (won't mentrion names, sigh) who take in animals and kill them, indiscriminately - not unlike Dr. Mengele of the Nazis - ands send them to death. I saw oine video where all the dogs were merely placed in a large wooden container - crying because animals are smart and in tuitive - and these young men just threw all these poor dogs on top of one another and then closed the container and gassed them. To call it disgusting is a huuge understatement - it was cruel and not anything that belongs in our society!

    If areas could have so called "dog catchers", why not paid cat wranglers who care for the animals and find them good homes.

    Makes so much more sense to me. Do we really want to emulate a society we knew was evil?