Monday, July 05, 2010

Holly Square Apartments in Albany Trapped the Cats?

I was just informed by a former tenant of Holly Square apartments in Albany, that management there changed, and they trapped the cats there and the person did not know if the cats were killed or just what happened to them. Since Heartland will not take in Linn County cats, I have to wonder what they did with those poor cats. Supposedly, they threatened to kill a mom with kittens also, but that sounds like angry tenant stuff. I don't know what they did with the cats. This information comes from someone who left there, very angry, so I hope to find out the truth.

This information churns my stomach, and comes to me just as I am stressed and about to leave on a trapping trip. The people I am going to go help are stressed and overwhelmed, like anybody who helps animals anywhere. We're all overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of unfixed unwanted cats.

I immediately sent them an e-mail asking what they did with the cats they trapped. I doubt I will get a response. But I might if a lot of people call them or e-mail them and ask "What did you do with the cats?"

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