Friday, July 02, 2010

Holiday Breakfast

I went to the holiday breakfast down in the park. The food was far greasier than what I am used to eating and I feel very sick now. It was for a good cause, at least, but once is definitely enough.

Think I"m going to go vomit. Too much grease.


  1. Welcome to Mississippi, the fattest state in the Union, where the motto is, "If it ain't deep fried, it just ain't worth eatin."

    I hope you're better now.

  2. Thank you, Snow, but I think I'll vomit again. I'll take my vegess over dripping in grease shit any day. Good cause or not, never again!

  3. i can't take all that fried greasy food anymore - i drain everything here that even reeks of a drop of oil! Of course, you could always batter and deep fry your veggies !

  4. Must be old people digestion, can't stomach grease. Or maybe finally we wake up and understand its disgusting!