Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Day Reprieve

The very very old woman from Lebanon called me. She had another cat show up who had had kittens. Or, she said she wasn't sure, it is the cat she thought she took to a Lebanon clinic and got spayed, but now she isn't spayed and has kittens somewhere.

So, with the neighbor mans help, we quickly drop trapped her then went looking for kittens but couldn't find them.

I had already called the clinic. I had told the very old woman about the new pain med fee and she said, "Ok, I'll pay it, because otherwise I'd have to pay over $100 to have her," and she paused, "respayed in Lebanon."

I don't really think it is the same cat she took in to be fixed, who wasn't really fixed. But who knows, it might be. She's a sharp smart woman.

So I called up the vet clinic. They said they're not starting the add on pain med charge until Thursday. I was hyped up then, and headed over to the rural trailer colony and caught two more there. I thought, 'I have one night to catch some cats!'

Ooops, I forgot, I left a trap set there. I better go check it and close it up. Or I'll have a skunk in it. And that's not good.

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