Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Reel Mower

Wouldn't you think this would be made in America?
You would be wrong.
My old one, with the frozen bearing was. Look at the bottom right of the metal label, riveted onto the old brush bar. It matters to me. I will restore the old made in the U.S.A. mower.

My brother sent me a new reel lawn mower. It's brand name "American Lawn Mower Company". He was sure it would be made in America, like the one I had with the rusted frozen bearing. When I wiped off the rust and found, on the brush bar of that ancient mower, the words, "Made in U.S.A." my heart swelled with pride.

I thought this one was made in America too. My brother got it at a lumber company. But, plastered prominently on the box containing the American Mower Company Reel Mower, was, in printe, "Made in China". My heart fell. My respect for the product fell too.

I am going to fix that old mower made in America. It is solid, all metal and deserves to keep on mowing.

This new one seems solid in the blade assembly, but the handle assembly is part plastic and its' parts do not fit together tightly. In addition, the handle bends when I push the mower and the blades do not cut half as well as the old one, when it ran.

I will resurrect the better built old real American mower. This one is a fake. To find out a mower, with such a name American Mower Company, is really made in China makes me feel duped and dirty.

That should be a crime, to call a company American Lawn Mower company when the mowers are made in China. I'm very hopeful my brother will take it back in outrage. Time to take a stand. I left him a message about it.

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  1. I suspect if you dosed the bearings with something along the lines of WD40 or penetrating oil it would loosen up in a couple days.

    Just remember to do it on several layers of newsprint or something similar -- this tends to make a heck of a mess otherwise.