Saturday, June 19, 2010

Five Foreign Cities Where Americans Retire on Little and Live Well

While most Americans struggle to survive on Social Security, once retirement hits, some now move out of the country. A small SS pension can allow decent living in many foreign cities. As one man now living in Panama put it, "In Tuscon, my SS check barely covered utilities." Click post title to see the five best foreign cities for retirement on a small pension.

I've known people who took their retirement and left for Mexico or Panama. For what they got in SS retirement and had in savings, from working all their lives, on the low end of the pay scale, in America they faced poverty, once retired, due to our high cost of living. But not in Mexico. This one guy I knew bought a house in central Mexico and even started a business there. He loved his new life and finally died there. He was very happy in the end.

I think I'd be nervous to strike out to another country to live. I've only been out of the country a few times. I went to Mexico a couple times when I was very young, but just to Tijuana and points just south of the border. I've been through Canada on the way to Alaska, also when young, and when I was a child, our family travelled across Canada by train to Montreal. That is the extent of my travels. Otherwise, I've lived my entire life in the southern and mid valley region of Oregon. I have not been out of the valley for I don't know how many years now. I've always dreamed of visiting different places but I don't think I ever will now. Takes money.

Would you be nervous to pack up and leave for another country to live?

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