Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day Too Long. Day Too Wet.

I got up too early after being up too late tending to sick kittens. Two are improved but the sickest one remains critical.

I took the torti from the Lebanon colony, and two owned tame cats, a male and a female, up to be fixed. Then I went and got some anti viral drops for the kittens. Poppa Inc's pres paid for them. I'm kind of totally broke.

I'm still sick, still snorfling and coughing as junk drips down the back of my throat. I should have taken it easy a couple more days, to get over it completely.

The clinic thought the cats would be done by noon. So I hung around. SafeHaven had their van up there with a load of animals at the same clinic. The vet always told me there, they'd do mine first. Today, when I called back at noon, eager to get back home and check on the kittens, the clinic told me they would not be done for two or more hours and that they had lots of surgeries going on. They also told me they were not doing mine first but that they were in the mix somewhere with SafeHaven animals.

This caused me anger. I began to get steamed inside. I called the clinic back and told them I needed to tell them something so I wouldn't get passive aggressive about it, bottling it in. I told them SafeHaven has a transport van and gets donations that pay for their gas. I'm in deep doodoo financially. I pay for gas and even for the required flea treatment on each cat and to save on money, I sit in a parking lot while the cats are fixed, so I don't have to pay gas money to drive back to Albany, then back up. I wasn't happy, you see. And I was terribly worried about the kittens, in my bathroom. I would have come back had I thought it was going to be an all dayer up in Wilsonville.

But the one assistant had her story wrong. They had not started surgeries until late due to lots of drop in appointments. They did mine immediately and I was on my way by 2:00. I apologized for going off on them, cited stress, exhaustion, illness, but admitted that is no excuse. I came home and was surprsied to find all three kittens still alive, although how the one is hanging on, I don't know. She was severely dehydrated so I gave her 40cc of fluids. I should have bought another bag of fluids and I forgot.

I buried Gaki. He'd been in the freezer at the clinic. I couldn't wait that day, couldn't see it happen, just couldn't couldn't couldn't. I had reached a limit on my abilities. He came home with me today. He's buried beneath the rose now. I'm still wavering on that limit.

It hurts me to lose a kitty, one that wants to live. He died for no good reason. Damn the miserable louse who abandoned him. Damn that vampire to hell.

They haven't found that little boy, missing from his school for days now, and that is very very sad. Little kids, animals, old people often bear the brunt of too much.

We need a miracle in Oregon. The rain never ends here. We need Kyron Horman found alive. We need that real bad here.

The rain came down so hard at one point, when I was picking up those anti viral drops, that I watched a storm drain ferment and erupt like a volcano. Guess it was full and there was air beneath. Water was pouring like a river from the sky onto the parking lot sloped down to that storm drain. The storm drain could not take it. Water shot up from it like a fountain, like a pipe burst, like a waterfall defying gravity, shooting skyward. I watched transfixed, through the misted drenched windshield of my car.

When I was getting off the freeway, right before, there was this gravel truck, double trailer gravel truck. I winced to see it for my own windshield and just as I did, rocks flew off the truck's load hitting my windshield. I'd been trying to get by him before that happened. I shouted although my windows were closed, "Fuck you" and "How dare you?" And how dare he drive like that with a load, dumping rocks at every bounce to hit windshields and take money out of other people's pockets. How dare he?

He got off same exit, Wilsonville. I would have followed him had I not been late to get the cats there. I took down his Odot number and I will file a complaint if, tomorrow, I find a ding in that windshield I just replaced. How dare he drive with an open load? He was headed, I bet to the never ending project there in Wilsonville. Along the way, he didn't mind shedding rocks onto innocent driver's windshields. Like mine. Fuck him.

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