Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Baby Raccoon Runs out of Woods at Lebanon Colony. One More Cat Caught.

I want to finish the Lebanon colony. I knew there were two more cats to catch, possibly three, if there were indeed two tortis. Yesterday afternoon, I caught the second torti. She waltzed out of the woods and under the drop trap all alone. I could not believe my luck.

No such luck catching the shaggy black or the other Lynx Pt. But, I saw the big black male, fixed ten days ago, the driveway gestapo patrol, chase the Lynx Pt., meaning it is probably a male. Whew!

I came back later on, to try again, but the rain was pounding by then. The daughter and her husband came out to show me photos of what happened between the time I left and the time I came back. A baby raccoon and we're talking tiny, suddenly ran out of the woods and towards her husband, who backed off quickly, thinking mom must be close. The little guy then ran to their barbecue, then began nuzzling the husbands leg. One of his eyes was missing, scratched or torn out, they said. No mother in sight. He picked the little thing up and nestled it against him. They said it was making the most bizarre sounds. They took it to Chintimini and told them they will take it back, if it gets well. They have at least two mothers with babies there. Bad scene with too many raccoons. I told them about raccoons getting canine and feline distemper. They also have bats exiting their eves in high numbers at night. The father of the woman, who lives there now with her husband, builds bat houses to attract them.

I like bats. I remember catching cats at the Koos warehouse. I'd go into old musty buildings full of junk at night, to search out and catch cats, and bats would spook out in droves all around me. I'd stand still, and could feel the wind from their wings against my face.

But, some also carry rabies around here. There have been several down bats found, after they are brought in by pets they had already bitten, who tested positive for rabies. Never touch a bat on the ground. If you can see a bat, in the daylight, something's wrong with that bat. However, raccoons, cats, dogs, they will catch, play with and eat a downed sick bat. That's not good.

Anyhow, I hope the little raccoon is ok. I wonder what happened to it and its mom. I heard a single deep rumbling growl behind me late last night out there, that gave me that sudden cold shiver and propelled me quickly into my car. I don't know what was up there. It was not a raccoon growl.

The second torti will be fixed today.

Vision, my ancient river cat.
Panda, from Lebanon.
Panda again.
Mums, also from Lebanon.
Mops, from the BS colony Dead Car field.
Honey, from the homeless camp.
Electra, my own ancient former feral.
Comet, from Heatherdale trailer park.
Honey again.

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