Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine's Mom at Heartland

In early summer of 2007, I was contacted by a woman who lives on Fern Road. A mom had been dropped off along the road pregnant. She'd promptly had kittens in the woman's shed. She wasn't a cat person, she said, but fed the cats.

I took the mother cat to a Eugene FCCO clinic along with six other cats from Millersburg. I took photos of the six Millersburg cats but not of the Fern Road female, whom I picked up on the way. She was tame and the woman got her into a carrier.

That clinic was traumatic on me because one of the Millersburg females died in recovery, in traumatic fashion.

I didn't remember exactly what Little Miss Sunshine's mom looks like. Heartland today told me they had an eartipped brown and white female there. I went and had a look. I was there because they had agreed to take in three kittens who needed someplace.

I met the woman with the kittens there and they took them in and I took a look at the eartipped cat. She sure looked familiar. She was brought in, in a live trap, from a location about a mile from where I originally encountered LMS's mom. In July 2007, I spent hours digging the kittens out of what I thought was a haypile in the shed. But, turns out, there was a very ancient woodpile buried beneath the shed floor. I had to literally dig them out of that underground woodpile the property owner did know was even there.The four underground kittens from Fern Road.

There were four kittens, three oddly marked Siamese mix females and a brown tabby green eyed boy. Three of the kittens were adopted quickly, leaving Little Miss Sunshine, so named for her optimistic smiling attitude. Then came ringworm. 16 kittens and teens got it and I spent three months bathing them thrice weekly in anti fungal shampoo.Little Miss Sunshine after ringworm bath.

Little Miss Sunshine was one of them.

But then she got a great home with a former Lebanon resident, Midori, who still is a supporter. Midori now lives in Ridgefield, the same town Leah, the FCCO tech lives in.

I e-mailed Leah tonight and asked if by any chance they still had records on that June 24, 2007 Eugene clinic. I needed a description of the 7th cat. Leah got back to me almost immediately with that description and caregiver name: brown and white female.

It's her at Heartland I believe. It's, in all likelihood, LMS's mom. I am working to find her some place to call home.Little Miss Sunshine, now known as Tsarina, at her new home.

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  1. LMS aka Tsarina is beautiful! it is incredible what a good home can do for a cat!