Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Five Cats Fixed Today

Poppa received a request for assistance from a Stayton trailer park. I delivered them traps and they have so far trapped five, who were fixed today, using Poppa funds.
This silver tabby female had been struck by a car or abused, and, the woman who feeds her states, "walks like a raccoon" with hunched up rounded back. The vet said she walks very well, however, and is likely recovered from the injury. She was pregnant at spay today.
This silver tabby male has only half of one rear leg and the vet states it appears to be the result of a birth defect. He was neutered today.
Another male from the trailer park, fixed today.
Two black males were among the five from the trailer park fixed today. The one above and the one below.


  1. It's kitten season too. Found 3 and a Mom on campus. Got the kittens -- about 8 weeks old. Now trapping the Mom.

  2. Probably the same mom as last falls' kittens.