Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Cat Day

Photos below are of Adair, formerly of Adair village (real creative name I came up with for him, right?) now lounging in luxury and love up in Beaverton with Poppa's president who adores him. Adair goes nuts on catnip! He's one lucky kitty.

Someone abandoned him. He then got fed by a group of three separate kind hearted souls, who also got him neutered a year ago. None of the feeders could take him in, so he was returned to the berry vines where he lived, and fed there, until a few months ago, when the county was going to kill them if they were not removed.

So, one feeder took Adair to her pump house. Her husband would not let her have another cat, so it was temp living in the pump house. She loved him dearly.

Meanwhile, I trapped the rest of the cats, six more. Big Ben and one other tame cat, both abandoned, tested positive for FIV. The feeder took one of them to her vet who tested positive and that cat was sadly euthanized. I told her FIV does not have to mean a cat gets euthanized.

Poppa's president agreed to take any more who turned up FIV positive. I knew Big Ben would be, being huge, unneutered and dominant. I told the feeder Adair would be positive too and I was right. Adair and Big Ben went to Poppa's president. Big Ben hangs out in the garage, while Adair lounges inside and has the life of a king. Meanwhile, the feeder trapped another cat, at another Adair location, also an unfixed male. He too tested positive but she decided to keep him. I believe all unfixed free roaming males in Adair are likely positive for FIV. Tragic and preventable.

I thought I would have five cats to take to be fixed today. Instead, I had only one. And she turned out to be already fixed.

I delivered traps to a Corvallis location, where, the woman said, they feed four cats. But they didn't catch any and have decided they can't get them fixed now, due to the woman's health issue and the mans' work and sleep schedule.

I headed up with that cat and with Stinod. The Lynx Point long hair female turned out to have been already spayed.

Stinod had a bad swelling on one side of her face and that chin bloody cut/puncture, which stunk and was the source of the swelling. It was an abscess but it had drained when I brought her in to give her a clip job and began petting her under the chin, which broke off the scab and allowed all the drainage.

Hence the sudden fluid and blood all over hands and clothes while I was holding her. It still stunk enough when she was at the clinic today that they put her under, in case she would need it surgically opened. Instead, after a thorough examination of the inside of her mouth, jaw, and teeth, they decided to just put her on antibiotics. They did several cell aspirations of the swollen tissue on the side of her face, but no cancer or infection cells were found in the swollen area. The area also could be swollen if she fell and whacked the side of her face. She'll be fine. She got her shots updated while there.

Anyhow, I also visited Poppa's president and took some photos of Adair, the FIV positive Adair male, who is just beautiful. I climbed up on a ladder in her garage, also, to coax Big Ben down. He is the other FIV positive Adair male. I was petting him from the ladder, and went to climb down the narrow tottery thing and really messed up my already lousy knee, so bad I could barely walk and had to haul out the old crutches to walk when I got home.

Isn't Adair beautiful? I think he is. And Big Ben is now Bigger Ben. It's actually good for me and my bad knee that the Corvallis folks can't work it out right now to get their cats fixed. I need a week off for my knee to heal up again.

If Stinod does not improve within a week, the vet says her face should be X-rayed to see if something is imbedded in that large swollen area. I hope she gets better without the need for an x-ray. I cannot figure out what happened to her.


  1. Wow, gorgeous cat! I have a new one hanging around and he's not neutered....definitely needs to be. Is the next clinic coming up soon? What about where you bring them? How much do they charge?

  2. what a beautiful fuzzy cat!