Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drug Pushing Doctor Whores of Pimping Drug Companies

The drug company Astrazenica settlement over non approved pushing of Seroquil is huge. Will Oregon get some of the settlement money? Click the post title to go to the story.

If so, why should any state get money in a drug settlement case? Why in the world would a state get their hands on money in a settlement against a drug company that gave kick backs to doctors to push an anti psychotic drug that is extremely dangerous, causing weight gain and diabetes?

I want to know where the list of doctors who took money to push a drug is? That should be made public. If your doctor is dirty, you should know about it and have a right to know about it.

I resent the states getting their hands on such money because states run state hospitals, like Oregon State hospital. I was there and that is one house of horrors, managed horribly, patient abuse commonplace, where nobody gets better and where drugs are handed out like candy.

The state of Oregon should get no money handed to it from the Astrazenica settlement because this is over a dangerous psyche drug pushed for profit, when the state of Oregon has long abused its mental patients, long before astrazenica decided to also.

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