Saturday, April 03, 2010

Crimini and Blackberry Now (homeless camp kittens)

Crimini in the trap when I caught her.Crimini at Keni's, right after I took her up, after trapping her.

Blackberry peeking out from a bed at Keni's.
Blackberry when she was here after I trapped her at the Corvallis homeless camp.
Blackberry now, spayed, tame and loved, in a home of her own with her sister.
Crimini now, in a home with her sister.

Crimini and Blackberry were two of three very very tiny kittens struggling in the homeless camps late last fall. The third, I never caught and allegedly was mauled by a dog in the camps at the time. I had to sneak into the camps to set traps for these little ones, in the dark of night, right amongst the tents of sleeping campers.

It was far easier, you see, to do it that way. I knew every square foot of that area by then. To catch three tiny kittens in a large area, overgrown in berry vines, piles of trash and drunks with issues, was not possible during the daylight hours, when there was just too much interference from people, dogs, and because these frightened kittens hid out from the people and dogs during the day.

The only chance I had and they had was for me to sneak into the camps silent as a mouse in the dark. So that's what I did and I caught two of the three.

Keni, Poppa's president, fostered them in Beaverton until finally about a month ago, they got a home together. They were both girls and were fixed through Poppa Inc. funds. There were only five weeks old when I caught them but had been cut loose by their mom, or their mom was dead. Now, they are in a home together! The photos were provided to Keni by the woman who adopted them. It's quite heartwarming.

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