Friday, April 09, 2010

The Catmobiile

The car has surpassed 50k miles. So far, the only work I've had done on it is the rear shocks changed, front brake pads changed, belts changed, new battery, that one coil pack that blew, and I'm on my fourth set of tires, two sets of which were used. The initial set on the car had I believe about 15,000 on them.

The only new tires I've had on it were crap and lasted only 40,000 and I had the whole big problem with Les Schwab, refusing to honor the 60,000 warranty and insulting my car and volunteer work, probably in attempts to intimidate me into buying more tires from them and forgetting they would not honor a warranty. They also said I use my car like a mail truck, with constant stopping and starting, (in cat pickup) and so would never honor any warranty on tires I got there in the future.

They're assholes. At least at that store. I would never go to a Schwab store again, even though most likely that store just has assholes working there and other stores might be ok.

So then faithful friends at the towing company, pulled some very decent tires off a car in their wrecking yard and put those on my car. Then I got more used tires at another tire store last year, which are still good, although one blew immediately, when I hit a high hidden curb, when returning a cat to someone in Albany. I then got another used tire, different brand and tread, but the right size at least to replace the blown one.

I change the oil routinely, and I'm doing that right now. I change the air filter routinely.

Next week, I'm hoping to get it in for the checkup. With a high miles car, I figure the best I can do is keep the fluids good, the cooling system up to par, the belts in good shape, and the exhaust in good shape. The radiator looks ok to me, doesn't look too beat up, but they will check that out. The transmission fluid is going to be flushed out and changed and I think they're going to change the tran fluid filter, not sure on that. Usually he just takes it to a shop that runs the fluid through a cleaner, because it is not standard anymore to be changing the pan filter all the time. But, with so many miles on it, I think he said it might should be done.

But they have a rack and can very easily check underneath for dings in the transmission boots and exhaust, the belts all that. I am debating what to do about the front strut thing. It's expensive to have it done in a shop. Am debating doing it myself, or maybe with my brother's help. Then the mechanic is getting quotes from all around on replacing that shattered windshield, hoping to find something cheaper than the quotes I have so far.

I also have to get the short fixed in the electric windows. Too bad they are not just maneul roll up.

Otherwise, the car seems to be in decent shape for having 160k miles. No complaints. I love the car. Sure it's scratched up and dinged.

Last night, I was at a store and a mother had to pull her little boy away from my car. I had the door open loading some groceries. He said, "But mom, it's a cat car." I think he saw an empty trap, some cat food, and my net. I just smiled and told his mom to tell him, "This is the Catmobile!"

The car has carried thousands of cats to be fixed and into better lives. I once had 23 cats in traps in that car. It still gets about 31 mpg. All the miles on that car have been put on it, in service to cats and their caretakers.

My car really is the Catmobile.


  1. Mine is a PT Cruiser...the 'Puddy Tat' Cruiser...
    Your car is a good little car,and you take good care of should give you many more miles of dependalbe service..
    I hate those electric windows too..give me old fashioned rollups anytime..!!

  2. that's great! you should send a write up to the car company..i bet they'd appreciate it nowdays :)