Friday, April 02, 2010

American Terrorists

Click post title to read an article about more extremist behavior from ultra right wing groups. This time, governors are getting letters demanding they leave office within three days or they will be removed. Of course this implies they will be killed.

These are American terrorists, who want to kill Americans and become its dictators---"do as we say or we will kill you". This is what goes on in third world African nations, awash in violence. They have no patience for democracy or debate. Dictatorships rely on violence and silencing the brains and thoughts of people. This behavior is anti everything American.

Times are scary. I don't listen to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh because, the last times I have heard them on the radio, it sounds like they are attempting to provoke violence. If someone murdered some Democrat lawmaker, I am confident either one of them would gloat and rejoice. Can you imagine?

They are lucky to live in America. In many other countries, they'd already be in jail with such talk that is very very close to treason.

There are too many people unemployed. When people are unemployed, they have no hope and nothing to lose. Boredom and frustration foster radicalism and is how suicide bombers were recruited in Iraq, from the ranks of the disenfranchised.

I suppose it is not surprising the extremists smoldering in the US are using the current economic crisis to recruit hotblooded disenfranchised people, promising them glory, if they die for their cause, much as Islamic terrorists hold out carrots promising a planet of virgins if one straps a bomb to their chest and blows themselves away for another's cause.

I read conservatives in some places are attempting to rewrite history books and inside the books, the rewrite does not come close to fact. That is atrocious. What in the world is there to fear from truth or the truth of history? I still wish we would all just be nice to one another and work towards solving common problems, at the local level.

I am beginning to see the conservative party like a third world nation extremist group armed to the teeth with anger, slogans and bloody machetes and not much else. I have begun to see them as people bent on destroying America and I don't know why they would want to do that to our country.

We need other parties to rise now, I think. I don't know. All I know is times are scary, very scary and it makes me sad to think Americans are out there plotting to kill their fellow citizens in the name of I don't know what.

Our elected officials are mirrors of ourselves. The mistakes they make in governing mirror our personal problems, faults and weaknesses. Problems in america boil down to problems with communities and the individuals that comprise communities.

If change is to come, then we must change ourselves. If political change is to come, unless we tear apart America, it must come with debate and elections. If groups cannot get enough people to believe what they want is for the best, forcing the issue by killing people reverts America to dictatorship.

When the issues are dissected to the core, to find what some of these extremists really want, the result is illumination. The militia arrested for plotting against police officers had a leader who wanted power. He wanted to create a state for himself that he would rule. That is all telling.

With the health care debate, yes people are suffering for want of health care. But included in the package somehow, should have been incentives for personal change, a call to action for individuals to actually take care of themselves. However, many in these extremist militias would be appalled to think they should take care of their health. They would say if they want to smoke or drink excessively, that is their freedom to do so. And yet, their freedom affects everyone else's insurance rates. In our world, what one person does, affects everyone else.

That's life on our tightly packed beautiful planet. All species live and die on this premise.

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