Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sprite Oldies

I called them today, to see if the cats were eating in the trap I left tied open, and she was in tears, said she was experiencing health issues. She's been off balance and seeing strange colored spots. She has macular dengeneration and can barely see anyhow.

She's been to a couple doctors just since this occurred and they do not think she had a stroke but she will be getting an ultra sound I think she said.

I really like this old couple and commiserate with the atrocities affecting their bodies with old age. They are so delightful, I just wish I had that magic wand to make everything ok for them. I love them.

I barely know them, and yet I know them. He has a wicked deadpan sense of humor and she has a kind good heart. They love their family and their animals. I think they've lived good lives, probably the same as most folks, a lot of good and bad mixed in over the decades. They've stuck together which always amazes me, the loner, and how people remain together, through thick and thin, forgiving all the little strange habits and faults of the other. I think it's beautiful, such commitment. The ability to do that is a great great skill I admire very much.

I tried to tell her to forget the trapping and that I will rig a stray feeder platform for them with a large self feeder, so that if she is ill, she can just forget feeding them for a week at a time or more. But she'd have none of that. She loves those strays very much and feeding them makes her feel good and is a highlight of her day. She is delighted she can now pet all of them, now that all but two are fixed. They love her, too, and regard her as their savior and guardian.

Oh, if life were not so short and if only the mind instead of the body said when enough was enough. If only she could jump into a young skin and occupy it another 90 years with that beautiful and kind spirit.

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  1. There's no easy way to age. My neighbor is 89 and healthy as can be. Unfortunately, her mind is about shot. She can't remember the day of the week, to take her blood pressure meds, feed the cats, which litter bag is clean and which is dirty, etc, etc. A friend and I share duties: the friend pays the bills (if not, power, cable, etc gets shut off) & I take the neighbor shopping. And she's always been independent so she fights us helping her. PATIENCE, I wish I had that!