Monday, March 08, 2010

Sprite Oldies Catch the Mom Cat!

The old couple caught the old mother, who is at least ten, and been a kitten factory since six months of age. She was owned by an older man, Jonesy, the Sprite Oldies, call him, who never got her fixed and finally died, leaving her on her own.

Finally, this old kitty will get spayed. I told the Sprite Oldies, she'll probably bring them gifts afterwards, in thanks.

Two more to catch there, but the oldies are on it, and I know they'll get them.

When returning home, suddenly the wind came up so strong it buffeted and rocked my car. I hoped a tornado was not forthcoming. Rain began, which quickly turned to snowflakes on my windshield, mixed in with trees blossoms, blown from their branches and swirling wildly about in the unstable air.

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