Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ikea Responds

I got a response from the customer service online e-mail form, from Ikea. Their response includes a paragraph stating their e-mail can be shared with no one, legally. That's so they can say they responded and lie about the contents I suppose. The gist of their response was "we don't give a shit", but what they actually said was that I could come up to their store and rummage through a barrel filled with common hardware components to try to find what might fit the bedframe and that these excess parts are free.

I replied that this was not suitable, that I paid for a functioning bedframe and it was not up to me to drive two hours up to Ikea to rummage through a bin to try to find parts that were not included in the item I bought in good faith from them.

I also sent them photos from the instruction manuel, on how to put the bed frame together, showing the parts that are missing, and asked that they ship the items to me.

These are the photos from the instruction manuel of the missing components.

The slats, shown in top left photo on page 23, were not in the box, although the pegs were. The pegs sit atop the metal pieces that attach along each side, (which I did get) and are screwed tight from the bottom, to seperate and space the slats. The screws used to secure the wood pegs also were included.

The metal pieces shown at the top of page 20, with installation instructions on page 21, that extend in an offset square, from the middle at each end, to the middle on each side, were not included.
This photo shows the piece of hardware that extends down the middle of the frame, from front to back. The brackets to hold this piece were included but not that metal piece.

Ok, now they are telling me that none of the hardware that makes the bedframe usable is never included with an Ikea bedframe, despite the fact their instruction manuel shows these pieces.

So I responded, "You mean you sell a bunch of pieces of wood for $100? But if you want the frame functional, i.e. hold up a mattress which is I believe the definition of a bedframe, that you have to buy hardware seperately, but Ikea does not disclose to people upon purchase that the huge heavy box does not contain what one will need to have a functional frame?"

The responses from Ikea don't even make sense, but they will not call me. When you buy a bedframe it's supposed to hold the mattress. I would expect that and I don't think it's unreasonable.

I sent them an e-mail stating I would be filing a complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice and Better Business Bureau, because I believe, I told them, that any reasonable person would agree, that if you purchase a bed frame in a distant city and take it home and unpack the box and put it together, it should work to hold up a mattress, as the name implies, without the purchase of further products required to make the frame work as a frame, unless told by a clerk that other products must be purchased in conjunction to make the product work as it is supposed to.

That is a reasonable expectation when you purchase a bedframe in a prepackaged box, that you can come home with that box and put it together and have something to hold up your mattress.


  1. I have had very similar annoyances with Ikea beds. My boyfriend purchased a new Ikea frame when he first moved to this city and we discovered the same problem - no big long metal bar or slats in the box. Even though we trudged back to Ikea to get the metal bar we still failed to made the thing go together properly (and I must say that I am usually a pretty handy person - there's something very un-intuitive about Ikea beds). Anyway, I'm sad to say that he eventually gave up on Ikea's solution, went over to the grocery store and grabbed a whole load of milk crates and arranged those under the frame. His mattress sits on those to this day.

    I've just looked at the Ikea bed instructions on the internet and still can't quite discern whether you need a bar AND slats or a bar OR slats. In any case, they really should all come in one box.

    There is certainly hope though: I've had roommates with "successful" Ikea beds and my brother also has one - I believe all these people purchased those slats.

  2. Well, it is also missing four bars that allegedly form an offset square that would hold the mattress up even without the middle one and they are listed in the parts sheet, but not present in the box. It is bizarre. And why would they not disclose that I would not be able to use the frame to hold up a mattress when I bought it. Because otherwise, it's just some wood, some very very expensive wood at that, even though it's cheap crap wood, nothing you could screw something into, to rig it on your own, and not have that wood split. And why is their customer service so damn elusive? I mean, I asked directly for a direct answer to specific questions and the short little replies I got were just nuts stuff.

  3. After getting a clear answer from Ikea I have to agree with you - it is misleading to sell an incomplete bed frame - a bed frame implies just that - a bed frame - complete - not - part of a bed frame but to finish putting it together you have to buy the metal peice that goes in the middle seperately and also purchase the slats seperately (the metal bar is called a "skrova midbeam" fyi!). I believe thats scandanavian for "rip off". Even if an item is sold in the mark down section there should be a clearly marked sign indicating that other parts need to be purchased to make the item functional - otherwise, its totally misleading. I think you have a legitimate complaint for the BBB. I've always been amazed at how Ikea does that - in their showroom you see a nice piece of furniture only to find that you are purchasing, perhaps, just the shell, and the rest of the parts you need to buy in order to complete the item. by the time you add it all up, you've spent far more than you planned, and could probably have purchased a complete item at a regular furniture store or dept. in a sears or jcpenney.

  4. Absolutely Jeanne! The instruction book has these little stick figures at the beginning showing one scratching its head, then in the next photo, calling Ikea, for help with assembly. What a joke! Ikea doesn't answer their customer service line! I filed a complaint with the Oregon attorney general's office. I dismantled the frame and its pieces will become cats I think. Expensive lesson on how trashy Ikea really is.

  5. Methinks Ikea should just give you a whole brand new complete bed mho that is. You know, customer goodwill, etc. etc. - as I told them once, I know their only goal is to make money, the hell with customer satisfaction. Shit, even in their instructions there is obviously no customer satisfaction! Just head scratching and a phone call - which will go unanswered.

  6. i want to see the picture of the head scatching guy! and why a guy and not a girl?