Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tired of the Drama

UPDATE: The deputy says everything looks good there, that she showed him the loft where there are blankets out and bowls of food, and that he sees nothing that isn't just fine. I told him, "Good" and removed my post about it from craigslist. I'm done with it! (see below for full story)

I am tired of the drama of a Lebanon woman, posting ads in craigslist throughout Oregon that she will take in 90 feral cats. I've dealt with this woman, but only once, almost two years ago. Another Albany woman got involved e-mailing her in response to an ad she placed then on craigslist, wanting all the cats in her barn gone. She claimed to be moving. She really wasn't moving.

The other Albany woman finally asked me to drive up there with her. I think that was mainly because she sometimes gets lost on rural roads. She told me she had told the woman she was just coming to look at the situation.

When we arrived we found 8 cats in a blue plastic storage container. The woman would only peek through her blinds at us. We had to take them, in such a situation, then come back a couple more times and get the other 8. Most ended up in my bathroom for quite some time, waiting for placement. It was very very stressful on me and on those poor cats.

That is the only contact I had with this person, who wasn't really moving to Canada or S. Africa. She even told someone at the Lacomb store she worked for or with me. I don't think I ever even talked to her once.

The stories too bizarre and conflicting to tag this anything but a very nutty cat case in my memory. And very sad, for those poor cats involved, and for me, because I got very very worn out and stressed in dealing with those cats.

EVen the FCCO e-mailed me to find out if I knew anything about the Lebanon woman posting in Portland wanting to take in 90 cats.

I am so tired of this drama, I can't say. hopefully end it once and for all, I called the sheriff's office, and told them the story of the craigslist posts, told them to check out her craigslist post, told htem my experience with her of almost two years ago, and asked if they felt it odd behavior, if they would check it out, which they agreed to do.

This was after I tried to get ahold of someone at SafeHaven, to ask advice on what if anything should be done about this. No one was there who knew anything. Most were at the "other shelter" which I took to mean, possibly, the brand new one they're building, somewhere in Tangent. But the woman who answered the phone said I should call the sheriff's department over it. But I conceded it might be the only way to put an end to the questions over this. Let the law check it out.

I felt this was the only viable option to stop all this drama going on. If the sheriff's deputy feels something neglectful is going on, it is then their job to stop it. And if not, then fine, but it will have been checked out and then maybe the drama will stop and it's not my problem to deal with. I don't' have the time or energy for it at all.

Tonight, I got a condemnatory e-mail from the Eugene people, for having the law check it out, so I blocked the Eugene people's e-mail addresses. I suggest they don't make claims then turn on someone who has the law check the situation out, although the reason I asked a deputy to check on it was based only on my prior experience with her, then the craigslist ad about taking in 90 cats.

I suggest if they make true claims they stand their ground, and if someone then calls and makes threats, they file a police report, instead of turning on me, for having it checked out by the law.

It's turned into an ugly thing. Maybe I don't really want any human contact at all.

For me, it's over. The deputy said it looked fine up there and animals they have are cared for just fine. That's good enough for me.

I can't claim I"m that good at figuring out these complicated dramas. I'd rather deal with things directly and I felt I did that today. When I could take no more of the e-mails from people, and opinions, I asked the law to check it out. And they did and I"m grateful. I'm happy he said the animals there appear well cared for. What's not to be happy in such an assessment? It'd done with for me. History. I wouldn't take a cat up there, if she won't confine them for a few weeks, so they know it's home. That'd be dumbness on my part.

In good news, there are six Albany cats up being fixed today, from two situations. Both women are very nice. One is disabled and the other needs to rehome her cats due to a divorce after two decades of marraige. I told her I was unable to take them in but I could at least get them fixed, which might might help her find them homes.

And Teddy, from the homeless camp, is at the clinic today. He has an umbilical cord hernia that was never repaired and I thought I should get that done, just in case I can ever find him a home.

The other thing going on that is stressing me out is this. That copay check from the seed company is useless paper. That's because the guy won't call in the clinic with his driver's license number and the clinic can't process the check without it. I told him it needed his license number before he gave it to me, but then didn't check it out. When I realized it needed that number still, I called him up. That was yesterday at noon. I asked he call it in to the vet clinic where the check is at. He has not done so, rendering the copay check for $500 on that $1219 bill useless paper.

I called again an hour ago and the secretary was apologetic, said she would have him call it in, and I sure hope that happens.

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  1. I guess I don't understand, we've never had to have a drivers license number on a check here. In fact, we no longer need a phone number on them either.~Donna in Wisconsin