Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Seed Warehouse Final Tally

The seed warehouse made a nice contribution back to pay for about half the cost of the fixes, to Poppa Inc., which was more than Poppa expected and a great outcome!

Fixing Day One: 8 females fixed at Countryside last Thursday. One was in heat.

They included two black and whites, a tabby, a Lynx Point Siamese and four all blacks.

Fixing Day Two: Friday, 13 cats were fixed at Village at Main Vet Clinic. 8 were females; 5 were males. 11 of the 13 cats were black. There was one tabby kitten and one very sweet tame Siamese female kitten who made up the "off color" fixes for the day.

Fixing Day Three: 6 cats were fixed at Countryside vet. These were 4 females and 2 males, one a crypt orchid. Four of these cats were black, one a tabby and one gray and white (the one normal male fix).

Costs were high. $927 for the first 21, then, due to the one male being a crypt, raising costs there for the lost testicle search, $292 for yesterday.

Total fixing costs to Poppa Inc. for 27 seed warehouse cats: $1,219 Costs were also high due to the high numbers of females in the mix.

Here is a nice thing to think about. These 27 cats were fixed at private vet clinics. That means that $1,219 dollars went into the hands of private businesses which is one of the great things about working with Poppa dollars. The gas I used to drive to and from the warehouse and to the clinics, got bought at gas stations privately owned, although I know gas station owners get very little per gallon sold. The cat food and bait I bought to catch and care for these cats was bought at a local grocery store who employs local people and that is shipped to the store by someone who needs that job in shipping, etc etc.

My out of pocket expenses to me, personally, came to about $90 for gas, bait, food and Advantage. If you add in the $76 cost for a long term antibiotic shot for one of the cats done up in Wilsonville who peed pure blood, it's a bit higher. The vet clinic begged for me to approve that shot for her. It will last two weeks. I did, thanks to a donation from Kay of New York! I also kept her here, in a rabbit hutch, where she remains. She will go home today, as she is doing great.

I did catch the cat with the bum leg, I had been told was out there, as I see one of the cats this morning in the trap is favoring a front leg. I had no idea the cat had a bad leg and it would not be apparent under anesthesia. I'm debating what to do on that one.

This month, in celebration of Spay Day, the FCCO is doing feral fixed for half price: $15! I am hoping to get reservations and round up area ferals and get them done at such a great price.


  1. the cost breakdown is great! and showing how it helps not only cats but the local business is something most people don't think about. i hope the cat with the bum leg will be ok..

  2. I hope bum leg cat is also okay...wow, a feral cat round up! sounds like a rodeo almost with cats!