Monday, February 08, 2010

Jeanne's Baltimore View

Blog reader Jeanne lives in Baltimore and has snow! I suggested to her she might sell some of that snow to Vancouver B.C., where, with the winter Olympics at their door, snow is in short supply!

I slept most of the day, after transferring unneutered monster male Big Ben or Gentle Ben, can't settle on a name, to another trap. I didn't have to look to check if he was neutered. He peed. And that smell, well, unmistakable. Unneutered male!

But this cat is really a gentle giant with a sweet calm spirit. And, he will be neutered tomorrow.

The feeders have a barn willing to take the two black siblings, once the second is fixed. I'll loan a relocation cage. Gentle Ben also has a farmer willing to take him. If he's FIV positive and he is certainly in the at risk group; free roaming dominant unfixed male, Poppa's pres will take him in.

The feeders are going to try to locate the mother of the black siblings. They think she may still be alive, living hard farther up the road. They've seen her twice in the last six months. But, I had a fleeting glimpse in the dark, of a long hair cat crossing the road, a quarter mile from where I sat in my car. It was not the black long hair I just trapped, because that black long hair was in my sight in the other direction at the time.

The look I got was brief to be sure. It was a cat. It had long hair and was darker than the road beneath a distant street lamp. That is good enough for me to think the mother might in fact be alive, and living farther down. We're going after her, but it will take some work. They don't want more kittens born is the thing, if she is still alive. She was once somebody's cat, and tame.

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