Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Just Hit a Cat I Know

I just hit this cat with my car. I had just turned the corner and several cats ran across the street just behind my car. I thought they were chasing each other. Then there was a thud against my car. I pull over into the bike lane. I couldn't see anything. Cats are running off all over, including two orange cats. One of them looked very very familiar. It was the above cat and he was the one I'd just hit.

A guy comes up with two pitbulls on leashes. He says "The cat is fine, don't worry, he just ran into your tire as you slowed down. I can't stop them from following me to the store." The cats were all over the middle of the road. Another car had to slow to avoid hitting two of them.

I said "Do you need help getting them fixed?" He said he got the girls fixed but had three unfixed boys still. I said "I'll give you my number, but that orange one there, the one who ran into the tire, he is already fixed."

"No, he can't be," the guy insisted. I said, "Check him out when you get home. He's been hanging out in my yard, so I got him fixed." The guy says "I sure hope so. I'll call you about the others."

So a cat I know hit my tire tonight. He appeared unaffected. He did not go under my tire and didn't even have any skinned spots. He wasn't even limping afterwards, even though I heard him hit. I hope his jaw isn't hurt, which is the most common injury when a cat races into a car tire or bumper like that. He was chasing his buddies and not even looking where he was going.

His buddies might get neutered as a result. He says there are two orange ones who look just alike so it might be the other one I hit. He looked at me like he knew me though, came right over to my car. There were four cats following this guy and his two pitbulls to the store like it was some big fun outing. I wish they had better sense than to play in the middle of an extremely busy road, however. Doesn't bode well for their longevity.

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